I haven’t been a poetry fan, because I often “don’t get it.”  However, I’ve enjoyed the way you use poetry at your web site and it’s never too late to learn.

hesitate to advise anyone on poetry, because that’s such an individual taste, though I know of several people who’ve come to appreciate poetry through two poets in particular: David Whyte and Mary Oliver.

David Whyte has lectured in organizations and has a wonderful book called The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America. At one of his seminars I saw two Eights sitting in the front row, weeping. If you have a chance listen to David in person or audio – his compelling voice and the way he repeats significant lines can reach places for which logic has no language.

Mary Oliver’s New and Selected Poems are inspiring. Here’s one I picked at random:


You can
die for it–
an idea,
or the world. People

have done so,
their small bodies be bound

to the stake,
an unforgettable
fury of light. But

this morning,
climbing the familiar hills
in the familiar
fabric of dawn, I thought

of China,
and India
and Europe, and I thought
how the sun

for everyone just
so joyfully
as it rises

under the lashes
of my own eyes, and I thought
I am so many!
What is my name?

What is the name
of the deep breath I would take
over and over
for all of us? Call it

whatever you want, it is
happiness, it is another one
of the ways to enter