Dating can be painted as all fun and games, something that is easy and natural to do. However, a lot of women know that dating can be very dangerous as well, especially using dating apps and meeting complete strangers for the first time. This is why we always must be extra careful, and here are some tips to help keep you safe whilst you’re trying to find the Mr Right.

Background check

Before meeting with your date, it would be a good idea to research them first. Look them up on social media and see what you find. This way you can check to make sure they’re a real person, and it also allows you to learn a little bit more about them prior to the date. Be careful to not let this fall into stalker territory though, you only want to check that their safe, not go through their whole Facebook profile.


This can fall into the same category as the last one, but it is easy to create a fake profile online for someone to find. Therefore, it is a good idea to video call your date before you meet them, to make sure they are who they say they are, and that means you can pass on details to your friends so they know what your date looks like too, in case of an emergency.

Personal information

It is also a good idea to not tell your date too much personal information, before meeting them and on the first few dates, as this could be used against you by the wrong person. Avoid giving details like your address, the place you work, or family information as this could be used to track you down.


If possible, get one of your friends to take you to and from the date. This way, if things go sour, you’ve got somewhere there to help you, and your date won’t be able to find your address. But if this isn’t an option, then you could always get an uber to and from the date. If this is the first time you’re meeting this person, then it is unwise to agree to get a lift from them, as once you’re in the car you might not be able to get back out.


Where you choose to go on your date is very important. First dates should always be in public areas, especially if this is the first time you’re meeting them in the person. If your date becomes very insistent on leaving and going somewhere private, then do not go with them and consider it a massive red flag. Most people will also prefer somewhere public to meet for the first few times.


You should always let your friends know when and where your date is happening, and if you are feeling especially nervous, then you could ask them go to the place you’re having your date at so they can be nearby in case of an emergency. Another good way to have them keep track of you is having an app that lets you see location of their phone or using snapchat maps if you don’t want to download an app.

Keep your drink safe

It is very easy for someone to slip something in your drink whilst you’re not looking. Fortunately, there’s lots of products available now that can help to prevent this, such as drink covers you can reuse and hide away until you need them.

Physical contact

It is said that men form emotional bonds through kissing – this is why guys like kissing so much especially when they’re getting to know someone. However, with covid still being around, it is a good idea to keep physical contact to a minimum where possible, and both you and your date should do a covid test before meeting. However, if you have been on a few dates with this person, or you know that they take precautions, then you can be a little less careful at your own risk.

Hopefully these tips help you to keep safe on your next dates, and if you’re still feeling unsure or nervous, just ask a friend to go along with, or wait until you’re ready.