Although so many of us are guilty of using television as a means to help us fall asleep, it is not actually good for you to do this on a regular basis. You may find that as your nighttime screen watching increases, your sleep quality decreases. This is because your brain is still extremely active when you try and go to sleep straight after watching television, there are many healthier alternatives that will help you to fall asleep more effectively as well as improve your overall sleep quality so that you feel more well rested when you get up in the morning.

This article will go through many alternative methods of helping you to fall asleep, and relax your mind so you are not lying awake at night waiting for hours to drift off. Our quality of sleep is so important to give us the required energy to get through the next day, without a good sleep you will notice you lose energy much earlier in the day, which when left unaddressed can spiral into a more serious sleep health issue.

Settling Down Earlier

One way that you can ensure you get a better night’s sleep would be to try settling down for the night earlier in the evening. If you are someone who is guilty of working or using your laptop late at night I would urge you to try and stop this and set a time where you are completely free to relax for the rest of the night. This will give your body enough time to wind down completely and when bedtime comes you will find that you are in more of a relaxed state making it easier to fall asleep when you need to.

Work commitments are very important but when you push yourself too hard and neglect important parts of your health like your sleep schedule, you are not going to be in a well enough state to put the hard work in when it really matters. Quality sleep is integral to all aspects of your life so you should do your best to protect this.

Fresh Bedding

A big issue that causes lack of sleep is the bedding and comforters you use within your bed, the bed is a personal space so you should use bedding materials that are suited to your preference, which will help you feel more comfortable when you are trying to get to sleep. If you are regularly experiencing issues with your sleep then why not try treating yourself to some luxurious new sheets and blankets to create a space where you can lie back and relax.

Evening Food and Drink

What you eat and drink in the few hours before you go to bed will have a big effect on your sleep quality, you should avoid caffeinated beverages and sugary foods as they will give you an unnecessary energy boost when you are trying to settle down for the night. If you are someone who enjoys a snack before bed why not try a healthier alternative to avoid any sugar rushes. Hot drinks like chamomile tea can also be great for helping you drift off rather than having something that is packed with sugar and other additives.

CBD and Other Supplements

Some people turn to using supplements like CBD when struggling to fall asleep at night as it can help put you in a more relaxed state in the evenings, this product comes in many forms including drops that can be added to food for complete dosage and strength control.

If you are lucky enough to live in a legal state like California and you are of legal age you may be interested in using marijuana as a means to help improve your sleep quality by helping you fall asleep earlier in the night. If you are worried about buying the product from a dispensary you will be glad to know that as long as the quantity is within the legal limit you can actually grow your own at home. You can buy seeds in Sacramento CA from this site so that you can have access to this natural sleep aid whenever you require it.

Reading and Listening to Music

A final way that you can help yourself get a better night’s sleep rather than watching television up until you go to bed would be to lie down and listen to some music or read a book to entertain yourself without having a bright light in your face keeping you up. This will not only help you fall asleep in a relaxing state but will also broaden your horizons by encouraging you to read or listen to something new. Podcasts are also a great alternative if you are not the biggest fan of reading, there are also some channels available dedicated to helping you fall asleep, which I would definitely check out.