Out of the Box Coaching and
Breakthroughs with the Enneagram, Mary R. Bast, Ph.D. 
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Executive Success Profile 


Rises above ego's personal agenda to serve the greater good for all stakeholders and models characteristics that are key to maintaining a competitive edge; promotes succession planning and develops organizational leadership.


Sets standards and accomplishes goals in spite of obstacles; balances interests and priorities of shareholders, employees, customers, and the community; maintains energy and manages pressure without undue stress.


Maintains a broad view; communicates a desirable future state for the business; ensures shared values, mission, and goals within the organization; links these with priorities, objectives, and action plans; clarifies key performance indicators; ensures interdependence of functional objectives to support the mission.


Knows what it takes to be successful in the industry; stays informed of social, political, and economic trends and their impact on the business; anticipates market fluctuations; recognizes potential business opportunities; seeks new responses to changes in competition and customer needs.


Generates and encourages innovative solutions and/or taps previous experience creatively; makes assumptions explicit; rewards risk-taking; shows adaptability and flexibility.

Decision Making

Reaches timely, sound conclusions after considering relevant alternatives, relying on both general principles and situational variables; seeks sufficient input and/or consensus; ensures that decisions serve the organization as a whole and that financial components maximize return on investment.

Managing Change

Redefines and communicates changing vision; develops transition strategy that ensures appropriate leadership, communication, and cooperation; personally self-renewing--accepts and grows with change, learns from failures; maintains compatible personal, career, and organizational goals.


Recognizes predictors of success; hires/promotes those who match current job needs and have long-term leadership potential; ensures a diverse and complementary mix of personnel to serve organizational goals.


Effectively structures own organization to manage multiple demands and activities; clarifies roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities; establishes agreed-upon objectives and standards; uses ongoing feedback, recognition, and praise to encourage higher performance.


Encourages individuals to initiate projects, correct own errors, take calculated risks, and follow through; provides resources and coaching to ensure desired results; confronts performance problems directly and constructively.


Responds to differences in capability, knowledge, maturity, and experience among direct reports; inspires motivation and high performance for a variety of personality types.


Gets along well at all levels in the organization; exemplifies and encourages cooperation and interdependence within and between work groups; draws on informal networks to engender support of goals and organizational mission; builds own team for high performance.


Projects authenticity; maintains personal integrity; actively elicits others' ideas and feelings and listens carefully; reacts to others' and presents own viewpoint openly, objectively, and non-defensively; open to changing own point of view; seeks integrative solutions to problems.


Writes effectively; speaks succinctly and with purpose; inspires confidence and projects an executive image; handles questions well.

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