Out of the Box Coaching and
    Breakthroughs with the Enneagram, Mary R. Bast, Ph.D. 
    Copyright © 1999. All rights reserved. Revised: April 14, 2015





Hitchhiking to the Grand Ole Opry

I once had a two-hour feedback session by phone with a manager who – like many people with Enneagram style One – could tap into a deep vein of humor. I said, "I don’t think change efforts have to be work. In particular, using metaphors to stimulate change can be a very playful process."

We talked about how he tended to go into a teaching/preaching mode with his team, and explored together how to play with that pattern in a way that would loosen it without focusing on “fixing.”  

I asked him to think of situations where he didn’t take the teacher role. "I used to hitchhike in the Sixties," he recalled, "and I learned a lot from those conversations." He began to imagine himself “hitching a ride” in meetings, conversing with people who work for him as if they’re traveling companions. It made a world of difference.

Considering who her inner critic resembled, another One client said, "She looks like me, but sounds like my mother."

When I asked “How is she dressed?” the client burst out laughing: “She’s dressed like Minnie Pearl from the Grand Ole Opry.” 

You know this client will never again respond to her inner judge in the same way. How could she? She’ll be picturing the words coming from a sassy comedian wearing a big straw hat with a $1.98 price tag hanging from the side!