Out of the Box Coaching 
  Mary Bast, PhD Evocative Coach, Enneagram Coach & Coach Mentor



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Would you like to break out of the box?

What is "evocative" coaching? It means I'll help you seek out what's possible, instead of a future that's based on the past. Each of us is in a box of habitual patterns that have helped us cope yet narrowed our perspective and held us back from life's creative options. With my 30 years' experience, I provide a safe environment to dive in quickly and enjoy a significant shift in perspective, behavior, and interactions with others. Be in "AWE" with my 3-step coaching process.

I coach by phone, so it's easy to fit into your schedule and my fees are within your budget: First call $25, thereafter $65-$75. To set up an introductory call, please contact me by email:  

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